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What is included in a kitchen remodeling?
Works and results
The masters of the company provide a full range of work on the repair of the kitchen.

These include:
  • development of a design project for the premises;
  • preparatory work and operations for the dismantling of old coatings;
  • work with lighting and communication;
  • finishing works: wallpapering, tiling, ceiling installation;
  • installation of household appliances, furniture.
Our projects and results
    Types of kitchen remodeling
    Works and results
    The full list of services depends on the wishes and capabilities of the customer, as well as on what kind of kitchen renovation is required. There are 2 main types of repair:
    • cosmetic;
    • capital.
    Redecorating is the quickest and most affordable way to update your kitchen interior. First, dismantling work is carried out: dismantling of doors, apron tiles, plinth, linoleum. Then the walls and ceiling are primed and put in order.

    If you decide to completely change the design of the kitchen: make it stylish, modern and original, then a major overhaul is carried out. To make your dreams come true, our designers will develop an exclusive project for you.
    Reviews about our work
    The company has a Yelp rating of 5.0 based on 25 reviews. Google map rating – 5.0 based on 98 reviews
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