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The presence of railings provides a safe and comfortable movement on the stairs. Our experts will choose the right installation technology, fixing accessories, on which the reliability the railing and the appearance of the stairs depend.

The basis of the structure is the supporting pillars. The space between them is filled with figured columns (balusters), longitudinal / inclined crossbars or screen-type panels. A handrail is laid on top, which assembles the frame into a single system, gives it rigidity.

Our designers will select the appropriate railing option, taking into account the wishes and budget of the customer. We install railings and fences from different materials:
  • Wooden. Wood is a classic in the manufacture of stair structures. Simple shaped or carved balusters complete the classic design. Minus - the need for systematic care.
  • Stainless steel, aluminum. Such railings are not subject to corrosion, do not need painting and additional finishing, do not lose their appearance for decades.
  • Forged railings are used for stairs not only made of metal, but also wood. Forged railings are made of durable alloy and look stylish.
  • Combination stair railings include balusters, posts, railings and handrails made from glass, metal, wood and stone in a variety of combinations.
  • Fences with glass elements: railings and posts made of stainless steel, leaf made of plexiglass, special holders.
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