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What is included in a door installation?
Works and results
Our masters install doors in full accordance with the technical regulations:
  • dismantling (if necessary);
  • installation of a door frame / one-piece entrance structure in the opening;
  • installation of hinges and hanging door panels on them;
  • sealing cracks with mounting foam;
  • fittings installation;
  • platband fastening.
If our customer needs advice when choosing a door, our experts will help you decide, taking into account:
  • the size of the room;
  • design purpose - for a bathroom, bedroom, dining room;
  • functionality - thermal insulation, sound absorption, space decoration;
  • who lives in the house - small children, the elderly, large animals;
  • budget;
  • taste - the door leaf is made from various materials: fiberboard, MDF, wood, plastic, with metal and glass inserts.
Our projects and results
    What types of doors do we install?
    Works and results
    We install doors:
    • with different mechanisms - hinged, sliding, folding, pivoting;
    • different designs - single-leaf, double-leaf, one-and-a-half, solid, with inserts;
    • from different materials - wooden, from MDF / fiberboard, metal, plastic, glass;
    • for various purposes: entrance, interior, garage, for baths and saunas, technical, fire-fighting.
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    The company has a Yelp rating of 5.0 based on 25 reviews. Google map rating – 5.0 based on 98 reviews
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