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Our specialists carry out work on the construction of walls, partitions, as well as the installation of suspended ceilings from gypsum board. We work with different types of plasterboard: standard, water-resistant, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant fire-resistant. The service life and ease of use depends on the proper use and installation of this material.
1. The work on the construction of walls and partitions from drywall includes:
  • the installation of a metal frame;
  • heat and sound insulation of walls with mineral wool;
  • sheathing of the metal frame with moisture-resistant or refractory drywall, aquapanels, gypsum-fiber sheet;
  • plasterboard painting work.
2. We carry out the installation of suspended ceilings of various designs and shapes, simple and complex forms:
  • a straight plasterboard ceiling in one plane;
  • ceiling of broken planes;
  • multi-level ceilings are straight;
  • multilevel curvilinear ceilings;
3. We make cornices and drywall niches for hidden lighting.
4. We carry out electrical work in parallel with the installation of the metal frame before the drywall is sewn.
5. We prepare the surface of drywall for painting, wallpapering, decorative finishing.
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