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The microwave can be mounted on brackets, on a rack or stand, on a corner shelf, or placed in a drawer of kitchen furniture. Our craftsmen know the rules of microwave oven placement. They will help determine the location of the appliance and install it safely and securely.

Regardless of the choice of installation option, the specialist takes into account a number of requirements:
1. The shelf or bracket is selected taking into account the size and weight of the equipment. The estimated maximum weight of food and utensils for its preparation is also taken into account.
2. The specialist selects fasteners in accordance with the material of the kitchen wall. For example, a microwave mount to a wooden surface is not at all suitable for concrete, brick, stone, or for gas and foam concrete. If the appliance is to be mounted on a stud wall or plasterboard finish, special fasteners are required.
3. For ease of use and for the stove to serve for a long time, it is necessary to observe certain distances: from the floor to the bottom of the stove, from its top, back and sides to another surface;
4. The master will install the oven so that it:
  • does not interfere with moving around the kitchen in order to avoid injury;
  • was near the outlet;
  • the door did not block other objects when opened;
  • did not overheat, there was air access to the heating parts;
  • height was accessible to all adult family members.
A modern, compact type of installation - placing the microwave in a drawer. If the customer wishes, the master will build the body of the appliance directly into the drawer of the kitchen furniture. To use the microwave, it is enough to slide it out of the front. Such placement saves maximum kitchen space, as well as perfectly disguises the appliance itself.
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