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1. Bathroom renovation begins with the development of a design project. This takes into account: the size of the room; placement of sewer / water pipes; installation of electrical wiring; installation location and dimensions of the bath / shower cabin; the possibility of installing a washing machine, bathroom furniture.
2. An estimate is made for repairs. Properly drawn up estimates allow you to clearly plan the budget of the customer.
3. Dismantling works: dismantling of plumbing fixtures, floor / wall tiles, risers, sewer / water pipes, doors, ventilation hatch. If the project involves combining a bathroom and a toilet room, we demolish the wall.
4. Plumbing works: complete or partial replacement of sewer and water pipes, installation of filters, reducers, collectors.
5. Installation of flooring: floor waterproofing, screed, tiling.
6. Wall decoration. Ceiling installation/painting.
7. Electrical works: laying and replacement of electrical wiring: installation of switches, sockets, lamps.
8. Final stage: installation of plumbing fixtures, heated towel rails, mirrors, washing machine, bathroom furniture, doors.

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