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Our specialists carry out siding works, starting from consultation, calculation of the quantity and cost of materials, and ending with installation.

Siding installation takes place in the following stages:
1. Preparation of the walls for the installation of the sheathing. If the house is old and the coating is rotten, then such places must be removed and replaced with new ones. All protruding parts are removed - shutters, boards. It is desirable to impregnate wood with an antiseptic or paint it. The old plaster is removed and all the cracks are filled with sealant.
2. Installing the crate. The most important process We make accurate measurements to install the rails as evenly as possible. There are distortions in old houses, so the main work is to level the levels of walls, windows and foundations.

Installation process Lathing:
  • Impregnation of wooden slats with a liquid against the action of bacteria and insects, as well as fire-resistant impregnation.
  • Rail installation. Reiki are attached to one another with nails.
  • Laying thermal insulation material between the wall and the slats.
  • Covering the material with a special film-membrane. This is necessary so that the insulation does not absorb moisture from the air, but passes it from the inside. And it always stayed dry.
  • Corner and drainage elements are installed.
3. Sheathing siding profile of window openings.
4. Installation of the siding profile on the walls.

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