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The masters of our company install ceiling fans of all varieties: universal, domestic, outdoor, industrial, energy-saving. If you need advice on choosing a ceiling fan, our specialists will tell you what to look for when buying. They will help you choose a fan based on functionality, installation location, budget and taste of the buyer.

1. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of ceiling fans: power and performance; dimensions and angle of inclination of the blades; operating modes; the presence of a remote control; noise level; design.
2. We will select the optimal fan size that will easily cope with the cooling of the room in which it will be installed. Install the fan so that vibration does not appear during its operation.
3. The ceiling exhaust fan for the bathroom must have the following properties: it is good to remove excess moisture and smell from the room, be moisture resistant.
4. If you want to buy a fan with high performance, pay attention to the speed of rotation of the blades, the higher it is, the higher the performance of the device.
5. When buying a ceiling fan with a lamp, we will decide on the model. Some models in the winter season only play the role of a chandelier, since their blades are removed. We take into account the power of the light bulb so that the lighting is not too dim.
6. We will choose the optimal place for installation and the number of fans. For a very large room, two or more ceiling fans may be needed.
7. We will select the color and design of the fan, based on the interior of the room and the taste of the customer.
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