Experience the chic Urban design, ideal for those who desire a contemporary, stylish kitchen ambiance.

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About Urban
Featuring dark gray graphite modern cabinets, gold handles, hardware, and faucets, the Urban kitchen exudes sophistication. The design includes large 36x36 dark floor tiles, top-notch Viking appliances, and a unique backsplash with oversized pentagons. A wooden table with epoxy blue/green accents and a 42" island with waterfall sides complete this fashionable and functional kitchen space.

Great for city lovers and modern design aficionados.
Features Urban
The uniqueness of this kitchen design
1. Dark Gray Graphite Cabinets:
The Urban kitchen features modern dark gray graphite cabinets, setting a sophisticated and contemporary tone for the space.

2. Gold Handles, Hardware, and Faucets:
Accents of gold in the handles, hardware, and faucets provide a contrast to the dark cabinetry, adding a touch of luxury and elegance.

3. Large Floor Tiles:
The design includes 36x36 dark floor tiles that enhance the modern, urban aesthetic of the kitchen.

4. Top-Notch Viking Appliances:
Equipped with high-quality Viking appliances, the Urban kitchen ensures reliable and advanced performance, making cooking a breeze.

5. Unique Backsplash:
An oversized pentagon backsplash adds a distinctive and modern touch to the kitchen, contributing to its stylish look.

6. Wooden Table with Epoxy Accents:
A wooden table with epoxy blue/green accents adds a pop of color to the space, creating an interesting visual contrast.

7. Island with Waterfall Sides:
A 42" island with waterfall sides not only provides additional workspace and seating but also enhances the kitchen's sleek, modern design.