About the founder
My name is Ivan and I am the founder of the Rudenko company. The roots of our family tree go far to the south of the Crimean peninsula in Eastern Europe.

I am one of those Ukrainians who suffered from Russian aggression and were forced to start a new life far from their homeland.

I served in the U.S. Army in Hawaii where the 25th Infantry Division became my new home, then Oahu became the place where we decided to continue our lineage.

My third son was born on the island and the other two live with us here.
Architecture has been my childhood dream since I first picked up Lego. Knowing four languages helped me to get a good education in Europe and become an electrical engineer with a bachelor’s degree.

I received a master’s degree in the US while serving. I studied building trades in several construction companies with German specialists and at the Delaware Technical University. I have been studying my whole life and will keep doing so.

The foundation of Rudenko’s company lies within a balance of service pricing, high quality of work and met deadlines for their implementation. I always try to find creative employees who love what they’re doing. The house is an integral part of life for any family, that is why I have never been interested in the corporate construction sector.

We are a family-oriented company and we want to create family coziness and comfort that is so needed in every home.
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