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Our specialists perform various types of roofing repairs: current, emergency and major repairs. Current and emergency repairs are aimed at the local elimination of various defects, such as the appearance of rust and leaks. The elimination of roof leaks is usually reduced to the replacement of damaged sections of coverage and installation of patches.

Major repairs affect all parts of the roof structure. In this case, the following types of work are performed:
1. Repair of wooden roof structures:
  • with partial replacement of rafter legs, mauerlats, solid and discharged lathing from bars;
  • antiseptic and fireproofing of wooden structures;
  • insulation of the under-roofing (attic) floor;
  • window repair/replacement.
Repair of roofs from reinforced concrete rafters and roof decks:
  • troubleshooting of reinforced concrete rafters and roof decks;
  • insulation of the under-roofing (attic) floor;
  • roofing screed repair.
2. Replacement of roof coverings:
  • metal: complete replacement of the metal covering of roofs with junctions;
  • rolled: complete replacement of the roofing from rolled bituminous materials (roofing felt) to roofs from built-up materials with junctions;
  • others: complete replacement of the roof covering from piece materials (slate, tiles, shingles, etc.) with adjoining devices.
3. Repair or replacement of the drainage system with the replacement of downpipes.
4. Repair or replacement roofing elements:
  • repair of manholes on the roof;
  • repair of air ducts, repair/replacement of dormer windows and other devices for ventilation of the attic space;
  • change of caps on the heads of smoke ventilation units and ventilation shafts;
  • change of coverings of parapets, firewalls, superstructures;
  • repair and insulation of smoke ventilation units and elevator shafts;
  • restoration/replacement of the fence on the attic roof.
5. Reconstruction of non-ventilated combined roofs to ventilated ones with insulation of the under-roof (attic) floor.
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Mike H.
From Honolulu, HI
In November, 2021 we needed several projects done. Ivan and team completed several projects for us on time and below the estimate. We requested estimates from 4 companies since we had some extensive work needed. 2 highballed the estimate, 1 never provided the estimate (after paying $130 for a premise visit/walk thru) and Ivan saved us over 50%. The quality of the work was excellent and he finished on time, as promised.
Wil C.
Walnut Creek, CA
Ivan and Tony did built a kitchenette in my studio unit in Waikiki. Ivan and I planned the work and agreed on the details months before the actual work was done. He was very patient in all my questions, scope updates until we got to an agreed scope of work to be built. Communication the entire time was great, I was on the mainland while the work was being done so all our updates, questions and quality check were done via text messages. Both he and Tony were very communicative and accommodating. Ivan built a kitchenette that was exactly to what we agreed and was very flexible to additional scope as the project progressed. Ivan and Tony did high-quality work at a fair price.
Eric Flores
We are so happy that we contacted Ivan Rudenko and team to build a wall and two closets for us. Ivan & Tony were both great with their communication and professionalism and were able to complete the project super fast; from the time of our free estimate to project completion was under a week, even over the holidays. We will be contacting Ivan & his team often as we do renovations on our home!

Uladzimir Birukou

Ivan and his team were great from day one. We had a pretty tight timeline and they were responsive, thorough and completed everything on time with very high quality. Pricing was reasonable and worth every penny. I would highly recommend Rudenko LLC to anyone!
Selina Mann
Ivan and his team are very professional and gets the job done in a timely manner. And his prices are affordable. We have used him on many jobs and he always comes through.😊
Brandon Land
This guy is awesome!
Give Ivan a call or text and he will get it done! If you’re in search of a someone to get repairs or projects completed. Look no further, he is your guy! He is dependable, shows up on time, he is professional, he works quickly, he is competitively priced! He will be the first number I call for any repairs or project needs.
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