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Our masters install glass doors of any type in the shower room: sliding, swing, folding, swinging, combined. We work with doors made of tempered glass, triplex, plexiglass. Depending on the layout, desire and taste of the client, a specialist will help you choose a suitable variant of glass shower partitions.

1. Sliding doors provide maximum tightness. They open smoothly on rollers, which saves space in the bathroom. This type of door is ideal for small spaces, but there should be enough free space to the wall where the sash will move off.
2. Swing doors are best suited for a shower located in a niche. They are installed in a special design - a box, and are held on hinges that are fixed on static elements.
3. Folding doors resemble an "accordion". These are the most compact designs that, when folded, do not require a lot of free space, since only one sash rotates on the hinge.
4. Swing doors rotate vertically, so they require a lot of free space both inside the cab and in front of it. To prevent leaks, they are mounted with a slope towards the drain or a small threshold is made at the inlet.
5. Combination doors combine several opening methods. For example: one leaf hangs on hinges, and the second moves along the guides.

When installing all glass structures without exception, a metal profile is installed to prevent it from damage.

Glass doors have many positive properties: they
  • let light through;
  • do not rust;
  • are not affected by the fungus;
  • do not break;
  • easy to wash;
  • when heated, they do not emit toxic substances;
  • give the bathroom interior a stylish look.
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