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Our specialists make a comprehensive turnkey home renovation. We have craftsmen for all types of repairs, even complex and unusual ones.

1. Electrical work – replacement, laying wires, connecting new points, design and installation of lighting inside / outside the house, connecting household appliances.
2. Work with plumbing – complete replacement of sanitary ware, pipes, faucets. Connecting household appliances, installing complex showers and bathtubs with lighting.
3. Plastering, painting, finishing works.
4. Interior and interior work – we glue wallpaper, lay tiles, paint walls, replace and insulate the floor. We work with materials of different complexity and cost.
5. Roofing – we make repairs to the roof of the house. We will replace the elements that are out of order. We work with all roofing materials. Let's make a roof from a ceramic tile, modern slate or seam.
6. Exterior work – we will update the appearance of the house. We paint, line with decorative stone, brick or other material that you like.
7. Foundation work – and we will investigate and make a high-quality repair of the foundation of the house so that the building stands for a long time, cracks do not appear on the walls.
8. Work on the arrangement of the site – honor the site on which erected: we will put up a solid fence, organize a video surveillance system, a fire alarm, equip a reservoir, makea gazebo.
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