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Our specialists repair, replace and embed locks of any complexity in metal and wooden doors. If necessary, we will replace the core of the lock, the lug lining. Our masters will offer you the best variant on the price-quality ratio and will recommend the most reliable locks and cylinders models.

1. The problem with the lock can manifest itself in different ways: the key does not fully enter the lock, the “tongue” sticks, the key does not make all the turns, the handle is broken, etc. Our master will quickly assess the problem and tell you what should be done and how much it will cost, for example:
  • replace the lock cylinder if the lock is a cylinder,
  • recode the lock if it has such a function,
  • repair the handles,
  • bore out the counterpart of the lock,
  • change the keys to the door lock,
  • replace a lever (safe), cylinder lock or repair it,
  • change your lock to a similar one or install another lock model suitable for replacement.

2. If the owner lost the keys or they were stolen, what can be done:
  • the simplest thing is to replace the lock cylinder if the lock is a cylinder;
  • recode the lock, if it has a similar option;
  • completely replace the lock with a similar or more reliable one.

3. If the apartment was robbed or the door was broken into, our master will advise what to do:
  • completely change the locks or replace the lock
  • cylinder, install protective armor plates,
  • strengthen the door structure,
  • install an invisible lock,
  • install an alarm.
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