Embrace the peaceful Kazoku design, perfect for a minimalist and serene bathroom haven.

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About Kazoku
In the Kazoku bathroom, a code-compliant toilet, large pentagon-shaped gray floor tiles, and a Kojox 12" black shower faucet create a relaxing environment. The Kun Mai vessel faucet pairs with the vanity vessel sink, and storage cabinets and a towel dryer offer practical solutions. A mirrored medicine cabinet with integrated lighting completes this tranquil and contemporary bathroom space for family enjoyment.

Ideal for families and lovers of modern, elegant design.
Features Kazoku
The uniqueness of this kitchen design
1. Modern White Cabinets:
The Kazoku kitchen is outfitted with modern white cabinets that exude a clean and welcoming atmosphere. They offer ample storage and contribute to the kitchen's overall elegant design.

2. Silver Holders and Faucets:
The kitchen features silver holders and faucets that perfectly complement the white cabinetry, enhancing the kitchen's modern and sleek aesthetic.

3. Reliable Samsung Appliances:
The Kazoku kitchen is equipped with reliable Samsung appliances. Known for their efficiency and high quality, these appliances provide the functionality that modern families need in a kitchen.

4. White Quartz Countertops:
The kitchen boasts white quartz countertops, known for their durability and ease of maintenance. These countertops contribute to the sleek and elegant design of the kitchen.

5. Modern Tile Backsplash:
The light, large modern tile backsplash in the Kazoku kitchen adds a sophisticated touch, tying together the overall design and enhancing its modern feel.

6. Family-Friendly Design:
The Kazoku kitchen is perfect for families. Its contemporary and harmonious design appreciates simplicity and functionality, making it a space where everyone can gather and feel at home.