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The level of comfort in the house is greatly affected by glazing. Windows need not only be selected, but also properly installed. Our specialists will select high-quality materials, provide high-quality installation, and acquaint you with recommendations for window care.

The tastes of homeowners are diverse, as are the climatic conditions in the regions where the houses are located. Our experts will help you choose windows, taking into account the desire of the customer, the budget and the following factors:
  • weather conditions - average annual temperature, air humidity, wind load on the building, wind direction,
  • location on the cardinal points,
  • proximity of the building to sources of increased noise - airfields, railway stations, autobahns,
  • the thickness and material of the house walls,
  • the architectural style of the house,
  • the area of ​​the rooms,
  • the threats of breaking into the cottage by intruders,
  • the protection for children,
  • the requirements for the functionality of the glazing.
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